5 Reasons Why Your Kids Can't Live Without Amazon's Newest Kids Tablet

The brand new Fire Kids Pro has a more grown up look and feel kids ages 6 to 12 will love

By Kara Murphy June 2, 2021

My kids are 9 and 11 and have had versions of the Amazon Fire tablet for years. So I can tell you that kids' tablets have come a long way.

But I have to say that the brand new Fire Kids Pro Tablet doesn't just seem like a step up in tablets for older kids. It feels like taking a high-speed elevator to the very top floor. This is no toy: The new Fire Kids Pro tablet has a slimmer grown-up look and feel, for starters — something my tweens will love. The new “For You” tab offers a personalized screen for easy discovery of new and recommended content, while the “Home” tab provides easy access to the child’s screen time rules and key features such as voice and video calling, the web browser, and the digital store.

Plus, the new Fire Kids Pro tablets — available in 7-inch, 8-inch HD or 10-inch HD screen and four great colors and prints — are really well priced with their 7-inch model starting at just $99.99. It tops out at $199.99 for the 10-inch version. All versions include a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ with an expanded selection of content for older kids, a slim protective case, and a two-year worry-free guarantee. Yep, that's right. All Fire Kids Pro tablets include a two-year worry-free guarantee—at no extra cost. If it breaks, return it, and Amazon will replace it for free.

And don't miss this... because we all love a deal! Families (like mine!) with an existing Fire tablet can upgrade to a Fire Kids Pro Tablet through the Amazon Trade-In program with a 20 percent discount.

Five reasons you'll want the new Fire Kids Pro tablet

Here are five reasons why, if your kids are like mine, your 6-12 year-olds (and you!) won't be able to live without the new Fire Kids Pro tablet:

1. Expanded Amazon Kids+ content

The new Fire Kids Pro Tablet comes with a large selection of premium entertainment and educational content that older kids love. Kids can choose from thousands of apps, songs, Audible books, games including Teen Titans Go and Asphalt 8, books like Keeper of the Lost Cities and Chronicles of Narnia, PG and PG-13 videos, plus educational content from National Geographic, Rabbids Coding, LEGO, and more. 

2. There's a digital store

The new Fire Kids Pro Tablet lineup adds more digital content for older children like Disney+, Spotify, Minecraft, Zoom, and more. The digital store allows kids to request apps they want, and then parents can approve any downloads and purchases. I like this safeguard ... no unexpected charges on my credit card that I didn't OK!

3. New Amazon Kids web browser with easy parent controls

The web browser includes a setting that gives kids open but filtered access to the web for school projects and online curriculum, while built-in controls on the Parent Dashboard allows me to remotely block specific websites. The Parent Dashboard also allows me to easily view their online activities and set time limits on screen time — right from my own phone or laptop and without ever touching their tablets! As a mom, I like easy ... especially when it comes to technology. 

4. Voice and video calling

Keeping my kids in touch with friends and family has been a priority over the past year, and the new Fire Kids Pro Tablet makes it easy by allowing kids to make and receive voice and video calls over Wi-Fi with parent-approved contacts who have a Fire Kids tablet, Alexa-enable device or the Alexa app, letting them easily chat with friends to collaborate on homework or stay in touch with family. Kids can also make announcements like “I’m done with my homework” from the tablet to Alexa-enabled devices at home. 

5. Music options

Finding an album you love as a tween is one of those life-defining moments you never forget. For me? It was She's so Unusual, Cindy Lauper's first album. I knew every word by heart and listened to my cassette so often I broke it. While playing their cassette to the point it breaks is sadly not an experience my kids will have, they will have that memorable moment of finding that song or album or artist they love ... independently of their mom's (great) taste. The new Fire Kids Pro Tablet can guide them on that search with a new music row that includes stations from iHeartRadio Family. Kids can choose from an array of curated playlists like Acoustic for Kids and Homework Inspiration, as well as live radio stations.

Want a different tablet for younger kids ages 6 and under?

Amazon Fire is a great first tablet for kids. The next-generation Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet is designed for ages 3-7. It costs $199.99 and comes in blue, pink and purple. It also includes a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, protective case and two-year worry-free guarantee.