BOU Soup Cups are a Quick and Healthy Lunch, Dinner or Snack!

By By Erin Petko, Macaroni Kid Carlisle Publisher April 1, 2019

We are a busy family. I work full time outside of the home and part time for Macaroni Kid. After the children get home from school and I from work, we are almost always rushing around. My 11 year old plays basketball, is in Orchestra and also in Chorus. My youngest daughter has dance and Girl Scouts. You probably have heard the joke about the Mom of busy children deciding if she should have dinner at 4 pm or 10 pm. I would often get the children something quick in between all of their activities or make something in the crock pot. We have been eating the BOU Soup Cups after school and work for a snack and some nights we even eat them for dinner. What a huge time saver! 

I am so happy we were introduced to the BOU Soup Cups. We have been using BOU Bouillon and Gravy Cubes for several months and love them. The Soup Cups are made with all natural ingredients, low calorie and are low sodium and contain no GMO's! They only take 5 minutes to make. The BOU Soup Cups come with a convenient spork and the packaging is recyclable.  Our favorite flavor is the Chicken Noodle and they also have a Garden Tomato, Harvest Vegetable and Shiitake Mushroom flavor available.