Richard Rosario is hosting a giveaway to capture your beauty!

April 11, 2016

Today's technology has provided us with so many opportunities.  As a mom of two despite being a social media maven, I am a huge fan of the camera capabilities of my iPhone.  

As I am sure you can relate we must snap a gazillion pictures before our children even move or take their next breathe.  However, there is one thing that is usually missing from these memories that we are so desperate to capture.  


Our focus is on the kids, because lets face it they are perfect.  And more times than not we don't see ourselves in the same perfection.  So we only take a selfie, with the kids, (I am just as guilty as you), or we take the picture of them alone. 

Our battle with our current weight, hair, makeup not being done etc is so irrelevant in life when it comes to capturing a moment with our families.  Years from now they will not look at a picture and say wow mom you were a mess.  They will say wow mom you did that with me? You are so awesome!

I recently met an amazing photographer, Richard Rosario who shared the same sentiments as I did above.  After experiencing a devastating loss Rich is eager to capture life, and sees beauty everywhere even in the darkest moments.  

Rich began his photography career capturing the beauty of motherhood for his wife to show her how beautiful she is.  He is now eager to share your beauty with you by hosting a Mother/Daughter or Son photoshoot with, hair and makeup to one Macaroni Kid East Bronx Subscriber!

Rich sees the beauty in everyone and brings it to life.  Are you ready to step out from behind the camera or smartphone and watch as your inner beauty shines through?  

Enter HERE!

Winner will be selected at random and notified by Richard Rosario Photography.