Our lives rediscovered with Lyve

September 17, 2014

We have quickly become a nation of the selfie, my daughter alone can take at least 2 dozen selfies in a little less than a minute.  In addition to the selfie takeover, we must take at least 20-30 pictures on a non event day, a daily pic before school, (yes I am that mom), the cute moment in daycare we must capture.  The list can go on, and on, the point is I understand the importance of capturing each and sometimes every moment, becuase in the end all we have are our memories we might as well preserve them. 

However, all this capturing is being done, with little to know activity with the images once the shutter is released.  Call me ancient but I can still recall the day when we actually used film, which we later waited several days for the prints to be complete. 

Nowadays, I take awesome (awesome for an amateur) images, and if they are on my iPhone they will be viewed again.  Otherwise, they are retrieved from their SD card, never to be seen again unless I am in search of a picture for a post.  What is the point of capturing moments if we never see them?  Not to mention all the space they are taking up on all of my devices! 

About a month ago, Macaroni Dad introduced me to LyveHome via a quick conversation.  I was so excited I googled the device as I departed.   Lyve is the complete solution for collecting, protecting, and rediscovering our personal photos as well as videos from tablets, computers, cameras, and smartphones.  Our Lyve device lives in our entertainment area, and it is great to see the images of past birthdays, holidays, and those moments I just had to capture of the kids being silly, my husbands smile, etc. 

Having the images Lyve before us, is actually a mood changer.  My little’s naturally miss their daddy if he is called into work on the weekends or is filming outside of NY, seeing moments they have shared with him scroll by, make their day go smoother.

Lyve home is so simple to use!  Even my son can master his memories at the age of 7!

Head on over to LYVEHOME, purchase a 2TB device, it will be nearly impossible for you to run out of space.  We have already retrieved photos/videos off of computers and devices we no longer use, because of how slow they are.  That’s well over 30,000 photos, and 840 videos, who knew we had that many memories captured?!

Next, download the app, via iTunes, or Google Play store, and create an account. 

Ensure the device you are working with has an internet connection, open the app, and let Lyve do the work.  Lyve will connect and retrieve all of the images on your device. 

Once the transfer of images/videos is complete, as frightening as this maybe you can delete the photos off of your device, and free up all that space.  Do you have additional questions? No worries Lyve has a great customer support section, to answer everything you can think of. 

Interested in taking a peek of that special day, your little sister gave birth, your daughters second birthday, your son’s kindergarten graduation from 2 years ago?  Lyve has you covered, open the app, scroll down to the date you are in search of and voila!

You can view the images via the app, without taking up the storage on your device, now that to me is priceless. 

I’m not sure which feature I love more, the ability to view the images on the device as they scroll by, the fact that I no longer see that annoying pop screen to manage my storage settings, or having access to the 30,000+ photos and videos from each and every device the app has been downloaded on. 

What feature do you most appreciate about Lyve?